Journal Articles

United Nations Endorsement & Support for Human Rights: An Experiment on Women's Rights in Pakistan
Journal of Peace Research (conditionally accepted) (with Gulnaz Anjum & Zahid Usman)

The Chicago School’s Limited Influence on International Antitrust
University of Chicago Law Review (forthcoming) (with Anu Bradford & Filippo Maria Lancieri)

Trade Openness and Antitrust Law
Journal of Law and Economics 62(1): 29-65 (2019) (with Anu Bradford)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials] [Supplementary Materials]

Competition Gone Global: The Comparative Competition Law and Enforcement Datasets
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 16(2): 411-443 (2019) (with Anu Bradford, Christopher Megaw, & Nathaniel Sokol)
[Journal] [SSRN]

Legal Rasputins? Law Clerk Influence on Voting at the U.S. Supreme Court
Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization 35(1): 1-36 (2019) (with Adam BonicaJacob GoldinKyle Rozema, & Maya Sen)
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Competition Law Around the World from 1889 to 2010: The Competition Law Index
Journal of Competition Law & Economics 14(3): 393-432 (2018) (with Anu Bradford)
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Reciprocity and Public Opposition to Foreign Direct Investment
British Journal of Political Science (in press) (with Dustin Tingley & Helen Milner)
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Treaties and Human Rights: The Role of Long Term Trends
Law & Contemporary Problems 81(1): 1-30 (2018) (with Eric Posner)
[Journal] [SSRN]

Why Countries Sign Bilateral Labor Agreements
Journal of Legal Studies 47(S1): 45-88 (2018) (with Eric Posner)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Bilateral Labor Agreements Dataset]

The Legal Academy's Ideological Uniformity
Journal of Legal Studies 47(1): 1-43 (2018) (with Adam BonicaKyle Rozema, & Maya Sen)
[Journal] [SSRN]

Courts' Limited Ability to Protect of Constitutional Rights
University of Chicago Law Review 85(2): 293-335 (2018) (with Mila Versteeg)
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Rights Without Resources: The Impact of Constitutional Social Rights on Social Spending
Journal of Law and Economics 60(4): 713-748 (2017) (with Mila Versteeg)
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Measuring Judicial Ideology Using Law Clerk Hiring
American Law and Economics Review 19(1): 129-161 (2017) (with Adam BonicaJacob GoldinKyle Rozema, & Maya Sen)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Data on Judges' CBI Scores]

The Political Ideologies of Law Clerks
American Law and Economics Review 19(1): 96-128 (2017) (with Adam Bonica, Jacob Goldin, Kyle Rozema, & Maya Sen)
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Making Doctrinal Work More Rigorous: Lessons from Systematic Reviews
University of Chicago Law Review 84(1): 37-58 (2017) (with Will Baude & Anup Malani)
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The Limitations of Supply Chain Disclosure Regimes
Stanford Journal of International Law 57(1): 1-54 (2017) (with Galit Sarfaty)
[Journal] [SSRN]

Do Constitutional Rights Make a Difference? 
American Journal of Political Science 60(3): 575-589 (2016) (with Mila Versteeg)
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Simplification of Privacy Disclosures: An Experimental Test
Journal of Legal Studies 45(2): S41-S67 (2016) (with Omri Ben-Shahar)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Supplementary Materials]

The Political Ideologies of American Lawyers
Journal of Legal Analysis 8(2): 277-335 (2016) (with Adam Bonica & Maya Sen)
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The Political Motivations of the United States' Bilateral Investment Treaty Program
Review of International Political Economy 23(4): 614-642 (2016) 
[Journal] [SSRN] [Supplementary Materials]

International Law, Constitutional Law, and Public Support for Torture
Research & Politics 3(1): 1-9 (2016) (with Mila Versteeg)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials] [Supplementary Materials]

Revisiting Procedure and Precedent in the WTO: An Analysis of US-CVD and AD Measure (China)
World Trade Review 15(2): 375-395 (2016) (with Mostafa Beshkar)
[Journal] [SSRN]

The Influence of History on States’ Compliance with Human Rights Obligations
Virginia Journal of International Law 52(2): 211-264 (2016) (with Eric Posner)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Blog Post] [Response by Cope & Creamer] [Response by Lupu] [Response by Versteeg]

The Failure of Constitutional Torture Prohibitions
Journal of Legal Studies 44(2): 417-452 (2015) (with Mila Versteeg)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Supplementary Materials] [Blog Post

An Empirical Study of Political Bias in Legal Scholarship
Journal of Legal Studies 44(2): 277-314 (2015) (with Eric Posner)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Blog Post

Challenging the Randomness of Panel Assignments in the Federal Courts of Appeals
Cornell Law Review 101(1): 1-56 (2015) (with Marin Levy)
[Journal] [SSRN]

Foreign Sovereign Immunity and Comparative Institutional Competence
University of Pennsylvania Law Review 163(2): 411-486 (2015) (with Chris Whytock)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Blog Post

The Political Economy of Inward FDI: Opposition to Chinese Mergers & Acquisitions
Chinese Journal of International Politics 8(1): 27-57 (2015) (with Dustin Tingley, Christopher Xu, & Helen Milner)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials] [Blog Post]

The Laws of War and Public Opinion: An Experimental Study
Journal of Institutional & Theoretical Economics 171(1): 181-201 (2015) 
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials] [Response by Beth Simmons] [Response by Anne van Aaken]

Supplying Compliance: Why and When the US Complies with WTO Rulings
Yale Journal of International Law 39(2): 201-246 (2014) (with Rachel Brewster)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials] [Blog Post]

The Influence of International Human Rights Agreements on Public Opinion: An Experimental Study
Chicago Journal of International Law 15(1): 110-137 (2014)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials]

Why the Study of International Law Needs Experiments
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 52(1): 172-237 (2013) (with Dustin Tingley)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials]

The Doctrinal Paradox & International Law
University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 34(1): 67-137 (2012) (with Dustin Tingley)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Blog Post

The Earned Income Tax Credit, Low-Income Workers, and the Legal Aid Community
Columbia Journal of Tax Law 3(2): 177-214 (2012) (with Josh Boehm & Jonathan Schneller)
[Journal] [SSRN]

Equality, Procedural Justice, and the World Trade Organization
Intercultural Human Rights Law Review 7: 101-151 (2012) (with Ryan Davis)
[Journal] [SSRN

Academic Essays, Comments, and Book Reviews

Country Specific Investments and the Rights of Non-Citizens
Virginia Journal of International Law 57(3): 575-589 (2018) (with Eric Posner)
[Journal] [SSRN]

The Optimal Design of Guest Worker Programs: An Introduction
Journal of Legal Studies 47(S1): 1-4 (2018) (with Tom Ginsburg & Eric Posner)

Book Review (Reviewing Barbara Koremenos, The Continent of International Law: Explaining Agreement Design)
American Journal of International Law 111(3): 801-805 (2017)  

Experimentally Testing the Effectiveness of Human Rights Treaties
Chicago Journal of International Law 18(1): 164-185 (2017)
[Journal] [SSRN]

A Call for Developing a Field of Positive Legal Methodology
University of Chicago Law Review 84(1): 1-5 (2017) (with Will Baude & Anup Malani)

Has Trump's Promised Assault on International Law Materialized?
2017 U. Ill. L. Rev. Online: Trump 100 Days (April 29, 2017)

Did the Creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council Produce a Better “Jury”?
Harvard International Law Journal 58: Online Journal (2016) (with Robert Golan-Vilella)
[Journal] [SSRN] [Replication Materials] [Blog Post]

Reconsidering the Motivations of the United States' Bilateral Investment Treaty Program
American Society of International Law Proceedings 108: 373-376 (2015) 
[Journal] [SSRN

A Reply to Dworkin's New Theory of International Law
University of Chicago Law Review Dialogue 80: 105-115 (2013) 
[Journal] [SSRN

Brazil's Pregnancy Registration Requirement and International Commitments to the Rights of Women
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 40(3): 696-700 (2012)

Book Review (reviewing Charles R. Beitz, The Idea of Human Rights)
Harvard Human Rights Journal 25(1):  237-239 (2012) 

India's Evolving Patent Laws and WTO Obligations: Rejection of Abbott Laboratories' Application for a New Kaletra Patent
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 39(2): 296-300 (2011)

Book Review (reviewing Beth A. Simmons, Mobilizing for Human Rights: International Law in Domestic Politics)
Harvard Human Rights Journal 24(1):  243-244 (2011) 

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Gaming the Laws of War
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The Failure of Constitutional Torture Prohibitions
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Rappers v. Scotus
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